Ikeono, LLC

Privacy Policy

Date of last revision: March 27, 2020

  1. Who We Are?

The name of our company is Ikeono, LLC, and we’re a company located in Colorado, and registered as a limited liability company in Delaware, both in the United States. Our company enables businesses to send and receive text messages with their customers directly in their point-of-sale.

  1. What Is This? 

This is a privacy policy and the reason we have it is to tell you how we collect, manage, store, and use your information.

Just so we’re clear, whenever we say “we,” “us,” “our,” or “ourselves”, we’re talking about Ikeono, LLC and whenever we say “you” or “your,” we’re talking about the person or business who has decided to use our services. When we talk about our services, we mean any of our platforms, websites, or apps; or any features, products, graphics, text, images, photos, audio, video, or similar things we use.  

  1. Why Are We Showing You This?

We value and respect your privacy. That is why we strive to only use your information when we think that doing so improves your experience in using our services. If you feel that we could improve in this mission in any way, or if you have a complaint or concern, please let us know by sending us your feedback to the following email address: support@ikeono.com.

Our goal is to be as transparent and open about our use of information and data as possible, so that our users can benefit from both the way they provide information and how we use it.

This privacy policy should be read along with our Terms of Use, posted at https://ikeono.sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/TermsofUse.html. That’s another big part of what we do, so please review it and follow its process for questions or concerns about what it says there.

  1. Information Collection and Use

In using the services, you may be asked to provide us a variety of information some of which can personally identify you and some that cannot. We may collect, store, and share this personal information with third parties, but only in the ways we explain in this policy. Here’s how we do it and why we do it:

  1. Personally Identifiable Information: How we collect it.

Personally identifiable information is data that can be used to contact or identify a single person. Examples include your name, you phone number, your email, your address, and your IP address. We collect this kind of information in the following ways:

  1. Personally Identifiable Information: How we use it.

We use your personal information in the following ways:

  1. Who We Share Your Information With and Why

We only share your information with third parties in the following ways and for the following purposes:

  1. Twilio Inc.
  1. We share your business name, phone number, and address to set up a subaccount for your business under our account. This information is used to handle usage reporting, to text-enable the existing phone number, and to verify ownership of the phone number. We also share your customers’ phone numbers to send your messages.
  1. Stripe, Inc.
  1. We share your business name, credit cardholder name, and card number and related information to run the initial and subsequent payments for our services. This information is sent directly to Stripe through a plugin on our website. Your credit card information is stored with Stripe for subsequently billing; we do not retain your credit card information internally.
  1. Mixpanel, Inc.
  1. We share your business name, representative name, email, and phone number; the name and phone number of your customers; and the body of the message, to troubleshoot issues that arise, including issues customers have; and, to track customer use of the services to improve features.
  1. Functional Software, Inc. dba Sentry
  1. We share information relating to system errors to assist in debugging any errors that occur. These system errors may contain any of the personally identifiable information that we collect.
  1. Papertrail Inc.
  1. We share IP addresses, as well as customer names and phone numbers, to identify suspicious activity and otherwise monitor system performance.
  1. We share your name and email address with an email processors (currently, Mailchimp and SendGrid) to distribute our mailing list.
  2. We will share all collected information to the extent necessary and as required by law or to comply with any legal obligations, including defense of our company.

  1. Your Choices in What Information You Share

For users who do not register for our services or a business account, we will not collect that users’ personally identifying information—unless that personally identifiable information is information of a customer of one of our business clients, which is shares by that business through permission obtained by the business directly from that customer.

Our registration process related to your personal information begins when you register for the site. We will request your consent to use your data at that time. We require your personal data as part of your contract with us so we can provide you those services. We will not use your data for more than the purpose for which it was collected.

  1. Information We Get From Other Places

As noted above, we receive information from Lightspeed API. This includes the names and phone numbers of store customers, the name of the physical store, and sales data including the Lightspeed customer ID, sale item information, and sales total. We use this information to provide our Services. Because of the way Lightspeed API is currently set up, we have access to additional information, including customer’s address, date of birth, and email, but we do not store or use it. It is not required for our Services. Unless otherwise stated in this policy, we do not use, sell, store, or distribute such additional information.

We also receive from Lightspeed the name, email, and telephone numbers of individuals interested in our Services, and use that to market our Services to those individuals.

We receive the above information according to Lightspeed’s privacy policy and/or other policies. For information about its privacy policy, please visit its website.

  1. Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Non-personally identifiable information includes general details about your device and connection (including the type of computer/mobile device, operating system, web-browser or other software, language preference, and hardware); general information from the app store or referring website; the date and time of visit or use; and, internet content provider information. We collect such information from Mixpanel, including information on the device accessing our Services, including make and model, browser type and version, operating system, region, and timezone. We do not collection GPS data. We use this information to better provide and develop our Services.

  1. Use of Anonymized Data

We may remove all personally identifiable components from the information you provide to generate statistics, data, and other modelling. We may use this anonymous data for our internal use as well as sharing that data with third parties, in our discretion.

  1. How Long We Keep Your Information

We will retain your personally identifiable information for as long as you use our services and for approximately 6 months after termination of our services, or until you request in writing that we delete or otherwise remove your personally identifiable information.

  1. Where We Keep and Transfer Your Information

Our business is operated in the United States. Our servers are located in the United States and this is where your data and information will be stored with us. Due to the nature of internet communications, however, such data could pass through other countries as part of the transmission process; this is also true for our clients outside the United States.

Please be aware if you are a citizen of another country, and if you live in Europe in particular, that your information will be transferred out of your home country and into the United States. The United States might not have the same level of data protection as your country provides.

Our processing of personal data from individuals is not targeted to reveal race; ethnicity; political, religious, or philosophical beliefs; trade union memberships; health; sexual activity; or, sexual orientation.

If you would like more information about this, please email us at support@ikeono.com.

  1. EU Rights to Information

According to the laws of the European Union (except for limited exceptions, where applicable), anyone in those countries has the right to:

We respect each of these rights for all of our users, regardless of citizenship. If you have any questions or concerns about any of these rights, or if you would like to assert any of these rights at any time, please contact support@ikeono.com. Before we use your information in any way not authorized in this privacy policy, we will contact you to request your informed consent.

  1. California Residents

The California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) provides California residents specific rights to restrict, access, and delete their collected information. All requests under this section should be provide to support@ikeono.com. Subject to the requirements and limitations under the CCPA, these rights include:

We may be required to make further inquiry to verify the identity of the individual requesting any action above to confirm that person’s identity prior to processing that request.

  1. Authorization of Customer Information Use

For your business to use our services, you will provide us with personally identifiable information of your customers. You are required and solely responsible for obtaining the express and explicit consent of those customers for our services to message and contact those customers. Each time you provide us a customer’s information, you are asserting and confirming that you have obtained such consent from that customer. You here confirm and agree that you will not use our services to message any customer or other individual or entity from whom you have not first obtained that consent and that that consent has not been revoked or otherwise expired (under an agreement, law, or otherwise) at the time the message is sent.

  1. Protecting Your Information
  1. Keeping it Safe

We make reasonable and commercially feasible efforts to keep your information safe. Though we are a small business, we have appropriate security measures in place to prevent your information from being accidentally lost, used, or accessed in an unauthorized way. We restrict access to your personal information to those who need to know it, are subject to contractual confidentiality obligations in the case of internal personnel and third-party providers, and may be disciplined or terminated if they fail to meet these obligations in terms of contractors and internal personnel. Those processing your information are tasked to do so in an authorized manner and are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

Additionally, we provide the following protections:

That said, no organization or business can guarantee 100% data protection. With that in mind, we also have procedures in place to deal with any suspected data security breach. We will inform both you and any applicable authorities of a suspected data security breach, as and when required by law.

  1. Third-Party Providers

As articulated in this privacy policy, our services utilize third-party providers, as well as providing integration with Lightspeed Retail. These third parties have their own privacy policies and others terms of use. In some cases, such as the third-party provider Twilio, you will be required to authorize that provider directly and/or set up an account with that provider to use our Services.In some cases, such as the third-party provider Twilio, you will be required to authorize that provider directly and/or set up an account with that provider to use our Services.

We do not control those policies and terms. You should visit those providers to acquaint yourself with their policies and terms. If you have any issue or concern with those terms or policies, you should address those concerns with that third-party provider.

  1. Posting Content

If you share content with another party, including messaging customers, that information may become public through your actions or the actions of the other party. Additionally, if you post any information or content on social media, you are making that information public. You can always ask us to delete information in our possession, but we cannot force anyone else to erase your information. Please be aware that you publish such information at your own risk.

  1. Identification as a Customer

By using our Services, you agree to allow us to identify you as a customer of our Services, including permitting us to use your name and/or logo on our website, Services, and other marketing material for the purpose of identifying you as a customer. You agree here that the authorization above does not require any pre-approval prior to use or further authorization from you.

  1. Links to Other Websites

Our site has links to the sites, content, and services of other businesses, suppliers, advertisers, sponsors, and other third parties, including through our sale of advertising space to third parties on our site. Any products or services found through a link to any of these other sites are subject to separate privacy policies. We are not liable for any content provided or actions taken by such third parties. For information about those businesses, please visit their sites.

  1. Do Not Track Signals/Cookies

Some technologies, such as web browsers or mobile devices, provide a setting that when turned on sends a Do Not Track (DNT) signal when browsing a website or app. There is currently no common standard for responding to DNT Signals or even in the DNT signal itself. We do not recognize or utilize DNT signals. We utilize cookies through Google Analytics.

  1. No Use by Minors

This website, its content, and our services are not intended for anyone under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect information from those under the age of 18. If we learn we have accidentally collected such information, it will be deleted.

If you are a parent and your minor child has provided us personal information, you have the right to contact us and require that we: (a) permit you to review the personal information provided, and (b) remove and delete the personal information provided. To do so, upon you contacting us, we must take reasonable steps to confirm you are the parent. You may contact us for such a request at any time at support@ikeono.com.

  1. Compliance with Regulators

We regularly review our privacy policy to do our best to ensure it complies with any applicable laws. Ours is a small business, but when we receive formal written complaints, we will contact the person who made the complaint to follow up as soon as practicable. We will work with relevant regulatory authorities to resolve any complaints or concerns that we cannot resolve with our users directly.

You also have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority of your home country, where available, relating to the processing of any personal data you feel may have violated local regulations.

  1. General Information
  1. No Unsolicited Personal Information Requests

We will never ask you for your personal information in an unsolicited letter, call, or email. If you contact us, we will only use your personal information if necessary to fulfill your request.

  1. Changes

Our business and the services we provide are constantly evolving. We may change our privacy policy at any time. If we change our policy, we will affirmatively request that you consent to the new policy or email you for consent at that time. We will not reduce your rights under this policy without your consent.

  1. Complaints

We respect the rights of all of our users, regardless of location or citizenship. If you have any questions or concerns about any of these rights, or if you would like to assert any of these rights at any time, please contact support@ikeono.com.

  1. Questions about Policy

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, contact us at: support@ikeono.com. By accessing any of our services or content, you are affirming that you understand and agree with the terms of our privacy policy.